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Computer Services

Desktop, laptop or all in one computers our experts has the knowledge to fix all your issues.
Your computer has a software or hardware issue, you want an upgrade or set a new one up
our experts have the knowledge to look after your needs.
We can come to you and fix your computer onsite or it can be fixed in our workshop and
the delivery will be provided to you for no extra cost.
Our service team makes sure our clients get the best solution ASAP to get clients’ computers up and running again.

Freezing operating systems, applications crashes are mostly caused by hardware failures.

These require special tools and knowledge to get them fixed successfully.

  • Hardware diagnostic
  • Memory upgrade and replacement
  • Hard drive diagnostic, upgrade, replacement
  • Power supply testing
  • Motherboard troubleshooting
  • Battery replacement
  • Physical cleaning

Slow operating system, malfunctioning processes it’s hard to identify software issues.

Our experienced technicians can fix these issues easily.

  • Virus / spyware removals
  • Operating system updates
  • Patch management
  • Boot issues, Blue screens
  • Stop responding issues, Spinning wheels
  • Application and OS crashes
  • Installation issues

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