Backup solutions

Data loss is a serious threat and can happen anytime. Don’t risk your everyday business continuity.

You can leave these burdens behind if your company is backed up by a reliable backup solution.


Small businesses can lose loads of their data easily if they don’t have a backup solution in place with automated schedule to make sure data backup happens regularly.

Data backups have to happen on a regular basis providing better data security and retention when restores occur.

Risking sensitive business data can be a result of a major data loss in case of a virus attack or unauthorized computer or network access.

Our backup solution is going to help you keeping your data safe.

The software can be easily customized to meet your needs even if you want file, folder or complete computer backups.

Data stores can be configured locally or in the cloud, therefore no circumstances can cause you serious headaches if you lost your data.

Restore processes can be issued easily and you can have your restored data back in minutes.

What this solution offers you

  • Easy, understandable backup interface and process
  • Customisable retention to meet your needs
  • Encrypted backup and data connection
  • Automated backup processes
  • Monitoring – Email notifications


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